Team Organizing. Made Easier.

Organizing a team for games is a pain. Constant emails, big group chats, and unanswered RSVPs... *ugh* 

TeamChatThing is an SMS chatbot for team management. Play more. Manage less.

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Organizing Your Team Shouldn't Be So Hard

Easily send game notices and confirm your team's roster with our SMS chatbot. TeamChatThing will take care of your team without the mass emails or group chats.

Faster responses without the hassle

Today's ways of organizing are cumbersome and frustrating

everyone has too many emails

group chats are annoying

time-consuming confirmations

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How TeamChatThing Works

The SMS chatbot to get the team organized and save everyone time

Provide the phone numbers of team members

Send your game message to TeamChatThing

Our chatbot sends individual SMS RSVPs to each team member and collects their responses

Retrieve the game roster -- DONE

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Play more. Manage less.